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How to Run Your Car on Water Workshops

Get these important questions answered:

  • Why is it a low-cost, easy-to-do, solution for Peak Oil and Global Warming?
  • How does a 'water booster' work to increase mileage for a car?
  • Should I buy or build?
  • Why do actual on-the-road reports get better results than lab bench-tests?
  • How is output controlled and enhanced?
  • Is there a way to keeping the water from turning yellow?
  • How do I build a zero-cost pressure-relief valve?
  • Do I want partial or full energy-from-water operation?
  • To pulse or not to pulse?
  • Who Should Attend this Hands-On Workshop?
  • All individuals and organizations interested in reducing gasoline consumption by 20%-40% with an easy-to-build $200 "energy-from-water" booster.

Background Information

Former NASA scientist and inventor Daniel Dingel has
been running cars on water for 30 years, yet the
world's didn't know about him until 2004, when the Peak
Oil Crisis started making front page headlines. A few
cars in BC have already been running with "water
boosters", including BC environmentalist Tim Turner.

Daniel Dingel is now 70 years old, and the knowledge of
these "old timers" should be passed down to you, the
general public.

Silbury Education Centre in partnership with the Solar
Power Roadshow showcases advanced technology to inspire
and ignite the minds of today's drivers to a more
sustainable future. This is the world's first,
hands-on, HHO "Energy From Water" workshop for BC's
drivers. Solar Power Roadshow and Silbury have many
"firsts", including a demonstration of
"non-rechargeable" batteries being recharged with solar
panels on a sunless, foggy, day.


Silbury Education and Resource Centre is a progress
learning environment that explores cutting edge
technology with Vancouver's innovators. Silbury is a
education & resource facility that caters to the
special needs of the gifted and creative learner.
Silbury's education model is unique. Solar Power
Roadshow is an educational organization dedicated to
the proposition that "anybody can create clean energy".

This workshop will run several times a year.
Time: To Be Announced (TBA)

Silbury Education Centre